A message to our elected officials and candidates:
It is quite simple
Undertake Urgent Safety Works!
Help Our Region Plan for Our Future!
You need to immediately act to:
  • Improve the intersections
  • Increase overtaking opportunities.
You need to genuinely commit to:
  • Provide safer road conditions
  • Reduce the severity and likelihood of crashes
  • Improve the efficient movement of freight
  • Enable more reliable trips for locals, tourists, businesses and freight
  • Plan for future residential growth
  • Drive the development of our rural communities
  • Enable us to fully realise the potential of a regional international freight hub!
Peter Hendy LIBERAL - Current sitting member
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    See Press Release for full details, in short:
  • $45 million for overtaking lanes, focused on locations which acquire the ultimate duplication corridor and that are in the high traffic areas in the central and southern sections of the highway
  • $1.75 million for a duplication business case, which will include recommended staging and costings for duplication of the highway, to be developed with support from the NSW Government; and
  • $3.25 million on safety upgrades, including ongoing pavement upgrades and intelligent transport systems to inform road users of changed traffic conditions.
Mike Kelly LABOR
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    "Labor would commit to commence duplication of the Barton Highway".
    See Press Release for full details, in short:
  • "On announcing the $76 million commitment, Labor called on the NSW State Government to match this commitment with $19 million".
  • The joint funding of $95 million would include up to $6 million to further plan the entire duplication of the project and to install smart safety technology aimed at improving driver alertness, knowledge of conditions, and to manage incidents.
  • In starting from the south end, the project targets the most used section, and follows the recommendation of the Barton Highway Draft Improvement Strategy
  • This funding will also allow for the implementation of parts of the Improvement Strategy including works to:
    • Upgrade Highway entrance and exit intersections.
    • Straighten curves.
    • Widen lanes and shoulders.
    • Install safety barriers.
    • Improve bridge crossings.
    • Build safer bus and truck stops.
Tamara Ryan GREENS
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Tamara Ryan confirmed The Greens commitment to the full duplication of the Barton Highway and to investigating long-term public transport additions along the route.
The Greens National Transport Strategy places a high priority on the improvement of regional roads and we will be pushing for full duplication of the Barton Highway, including wildlife corridors, a cycleway and a badly needed regional public transport strategy for the Barton Highway corridor.
Ursula Bennett Christian Democratic Party
Frankie Seymour Animal Justice Party
IMPORTANT LAST MINUTE FACTS you may wish to take into account:
  • We will update as news comes to hand